H. L. D. (Highest Level Design) has been created by our passion for design and our love for motorcycle.
The last few years, we design and build products for the most popular models on the market.
It is consisted by a team of engineers with experience in the area of industrial design and special structures. But above all, we motorcyclists and we know very well the needs and special requirementsthat a motorcycle has.
With our long time experience and with the proper equipment, we build products of high aesthetics and top-quality, which we first put on our motorcycle.
All of our products are produced fromus to control the quality and to deliver integrated solutions in order to make the lives of the rider more easy.
We have a full range of fenders extenders – bellypans – seat covers – undertrays– radiator guards–Folding License plate holders and many more products. Our range is constantly enriched with new models.
We can design any product you need exclusively for you.