All of our products are designed from us and we do not repeat the same design over and over as each motorcycle has its own unique style. Adapting the design to ensure that our products are functional and efficient.
In order to be able to design with high accuracy,we use a 3D measuring and recording arm or in some cases a 3D scanner, in order to have high accuracy measurements , that we can then process. At the next step the computer take its turn and by using latest designing programs, we create the final design want to produce. This method gives us the opportunity to check with great accuracy the final design, in order to move on to the next stage.


We build the molds in our processing center (CNC) for the highest possible capture even for the most complicated and demanding project, with extremely high accuracy. The materials we use will vary depending on what will build and the complexity of the mold or the object. It is difficult to describe this part of our work, not only because it is complex but also because it has to do with the experience and knowledge that certainly after so many years we can say that we have. This is the most modern manufacturing molds and components.


We produce all of our products with the most modern machinery and offer excellent quality and durable products.
The method used for the production of plastic parts is the “Thermoforming”. It is the most reliable method for the production of plastic components and the only one that can offer high productivity. The plastic used is ABS with integrated UV protection and acrylic coating. It is an extremely durable material , hard enough, and flexible enough to respond to harsh conditions, on a motorcycle, and can be painted very easily to the color of your preference if you want.
Our metal products are cut with great precision with Laser and they are processed relatively depending on the product.
Always we choose the best methods for the construction, in order to have the accuracy and the manufacturing strength, which is necessary for a long-lasting use of our products on the motorcycle.


All of our products are well packaged with instructions and all the necessary components for easy installation without the slightest modification or alteration to the motorcycle. The installation parts that comes in the package are made of stainless steel, bolts ,nuts and washers are galvanized and there are always instructions included with rich photographic material , so that you do not have necessarily to uses a professional for the installation.
We always keep a large stock of our products in order to cover every need at any time.

International shipments. Please contact us for details.